The ultimate goal of Verum Holding is to become a solid, recognizable and aggregating financial entity, capable of generating significant returns for all the entrepreneurs and investors involved in the project.


Verum Holding is a holding company that invests in digital start-ups and small innovative companies, to help them grow.

The company aggregates entrepreneurs with vision and pragmatism and new investors interested in accompanying their development in the medium to long term.

The ultimate goal is to build an open, welcoming and fertile ecosystem, capable of facilitating and encouraging entrepreneurship in Italy, by sharing ideas, experiences, good management practices and access routes to the market and financial means.


Sharing: adhere to the values ​​of the entrepreneurial project as long as decisions, strategies and tools are aimed at the sustainable growth of the Group. Knowledge: being open to comparison to exchange experiences and be oriented and mentally open to innovation. Ethics: act with financial instruments responsible for making safe investments. Family: guarantee everyone a protected "network" to consolidate growth and maintain business continuity. Care: help the entrepreneur concretely through active listening, creating a relationship based on simplicity and flexibility. Transparency: operate with determination and consistency through behaviors that reflect sincerity, mutual trust and loyalty.