Key Success Factors

Fellow Members

Verum Holding project has been conceived and realized as a shared and open path to new ideal, entrepreneurial and financial resources.

Verum Holding focuses on the world of digital start-ups and small innovative companies, interested in embarking on a path of shared growth. The project is also open to companies wishing to tackle the phase of generational change with a view to continuity and corporate strengthening.

Verum Holding pursues the enlargement of the company structure to new investors who know how to share and nurture the project. In particular, the Company looks to angel investors and private equity funds interested in co-investing resources and experiences, with the aim of leading Group companies to evolve and grow in the medium to long term.

Propelling Growth

“Financial support is not enough to turn a start-up or a small business into a successful company
For this reason, Verum Holding offers a real ecosystem of development to the investee companies, able to guarantee both the injection of financial resources and a path of organic growth, thanks to:

  • Qualified business consulting.
  • Sharing of managerial and financial skills and tools.
  • Preferential access to administrative, commercial and technical services essential for the life of the company.
  • Support in development processes, generational change, M & A, internationalization.

Participated Companies Today

Today Verum Holding encompasses a series of participated companies in the fields of fashion, marketing, artificial intelligence and business consulting, all with a common focus on digital technology.


Our Reason


Business consulting is favoured by the presence within the holding, of entrepreneurs with multi-sector experiences, who are encouraged to share their skills also acting as mentors to younger management.


Management and financial skills and the related operational tools are guaranteed by professionals who manage the administration and finance functions within the holding and are at the service of the participated companies.


Access to administrative, commercial and technical services for the company takes place through the activities provided, in particular, by the investee companies that the holding, puts, first of all at the service of the Group.


Support in the development processes, generational change, M & A, internationalization is based on the entrepreneurial and managerial experiences acquired by the various partners of the holding company.

The Development Path

Verum Holding's business plan anticipates a rapid initial growth, in terms of acquisitions and involvement of new financial partners.

Once the consolidation phase of the equity portfolio and the company structure has been completed, the holding aims to become a public company, through an independent path of access to the stock exchange market or by becoming part of a more structured reality.

The ultimate goal of Verum Holding is to become a solid, recognizable and aggregating financial entity, capable of generating significant returns for all the entrepreneurs and investors involved in the project.